Coffee & CommunicationsHow to navigate the PR jungle

Mynewsdesk webinar-series Coffee & Communications addresses the most common questions raised about PR & Communications. Every episode we invite a subject matter expert to deep dive into a specific area. Among other things, you’ll learn everything you need to know about approaching journalists, writing engaging content and measure your PR success.

Coffee & Communications #8 - 1 Dec, 2021How to write SEO friendly content

By following a few guidelines and best practices you can achieve amazing results with your content. But how do you get a Search Engine and your audience attention at the same time? In this episode of Coffee & Communications our SEO manager David will share his best tips on how to create SEO-optimised content.

Coffee & Communications #7 - 27 Oct, 2021Adapt your communication to new markets

It might be tempting to simply copy/paste your usual press releases when you are looking to expand into new markets. But media landscapes and cultures vary hugely from country to country, so it is important to consider different approaches depending on the market you are trying to reach. 

Coffee & Communications #6 - 29 Sep, 2021SEO & PR

This time we're delving into the topic of SEO when we're joined by Mynewsdesk new Head of SEO David Björkeryd. During the webinar you will learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization and how your company can achieve better rankings in the search results with a SEO strategy.

Coffee & Communications #5 - 31 Aug, 2021How to turn your storytelling into a fairy tale

Telling an authentic and unique brand story can spark an emotional response in your audience. Listen to our Head of Marketing Communications & Brand Anna Wemming explain the importance of storytelling in the digital age - and how to find your hero (it’s not you).

Coffee & Communications #4 - 16 Jun, 2021How to benefit from video storytelling

Video communication connects on a deeper emotional level and is a perfect format to explain or entertain. In this last episode of Coffee & Communications before summer, we will deep dive into the possibilities of video and the emotional engagement it creates.

Coffee & Communications #3 - 18 May, 2021How to measure PR

In this third episode our Senior Communication Advisor Paulina Stoltz Kragh answers many frequently asked questions around measuring PR. Measuring your PR is crucial in order to convince colleagues and board members of the impact your work has on the overall business results.

Coffee & Communications #2 - 21 Apr, 2021How to pitch your story to a journalist

Our media relations expert Ditte Christensen gives you her best advices on how to get medias attention - and walks you through the dos and don’ts when it comes to creating a perfect journalist pitch.

Coffee & Communications #1 - 23 Mar, 2021How to write a perfect press release

Listen to our in-house content expert Elin Eidewing on how to create engaging and relevant content, and how to get journalists to pick up your news.