14 ingredients to create a digestible creative brief

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The creative brief template to use for your next project

For a freelancer to cook up a good story, you need to deliver a thorough creative brief. If you miss the eggs, you can’t bake the cake.

Nothing is more frustrating and costly when a freelancer fails to deliver on your expectations. Therefore, writing a comprehensive creative brief is essential. Why? To ensure the freelancer stays on brand and sticks to your project timeline.

What is a creative brief?

It’s a document outlining the requirements and goals for a particular assignment.
The freelancer needs to understand what is expected and what you would like to achieve to deliver a successful end product.

In a creative brief template, the first five of the 14 points are:

  1. Describe your company
  2. Define your target audience
  3. How might people search for your product or service online?
  4. What’s the tone of your marketing content?
  5. Are there any companies or organizations whose style you like?