The future of PR and communication

Mynewsday is one of the biggest events for Marketers, PR Professionals and Communicators across the Nordics. Watch the recording of the full event, or listen in to your favorite Keynote Speaker.



The full recording

Mynewsday 2021

Inspiring keynote speakers, useful insights and in-depth discussions about the future of PR and communication. 

John Mellkvist, Senior Consultant
Choose your age

Senior Consultant John Mellkvist delivers a new perspective on the subject of aging. Why is this topic interesting? What is ageism, why is it so common and how can we use the power of communication to reduce it?

Christine Calvert, Text Doktor
Write well, be understood

How can good content help you reach your target audience in a more chaotic environment? Where everyone has more money to spend, and where everyone wants to be seen and heard at the same time? Learn the answer from Norways only Text doktor, Christine Calvert, in her presentation from Mynewsday 2021!

Brian L. Due, Associate Professor 
Megatrends in PR and communication

What tendencies should Marketers, PR Professionals and Communicators consider in the now, so they won't be laggards the next two years? Brian Due walks us through the biggest megatrends post-corona that will have consequences and impact on the PR and communication industry in the future.

Pontus F. Christoffersen, Rhetorics Consultant
Beyond the message

In a digitalized world communication goes beyond the message itself. This creates a lot of opportunities, but just as many pitfalls. In this keynote from Mynewsday 2021, you’ll learn how to avoid all of them and create a bulletproof message designed to be understood and convince the audience.

Marthina Elmqvist, Telavox 
Sound as a marketing vehicle

Marthina Elmqvist is Head of Brand & Marketing Communications at Telavox. She is a Media Communicator but also a former Radio Journalist. See her presentation from Mynewsday 2021 where she covered the Why, What and How of using sound as a strategic marketing vehicle.

Louise Barnekow and Daniel Jonsson, Mynewsdesk
AI and smart PR

Did you know that you could work faster and better with the help of smart PR? Mynewsdesk’s CEO, Louise Barnekow, and Daniel Jonsson, Chief Analytics & Strategy Officer, gives us their insights into how to achieve that, using AI and data. Listen to their discussion and learn how to make smarter decisions that will optimize your PR and communication!

Tale Olivia Henningsen, Fargerike
When everyone thinks the same, nobody thinks

Tale Olivia Henningsen is Creative leader at Fargerike and Editor of the magazines Farge and Impuls. She is skilled in marketing within consumer goods and has great insights into how to communicate with journalists. On Mynewsday 2021 she shared how Fargerike uses Mynewsdesk to reach their Marketing goals.

About Mynewsday

Mynewsday is an industry event in PR and communications with the vision to inspire, educate professionals in PR, communications, and marketing. Since it's beginning in 2010, Mynewsday has been a successful event and this year’s event is the second time we do it as a digital edition.

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