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Whether you had the possibility to join us for Mynewsday or not, here you can find all the insightful sessions of our half-day event. 



Viktoria Wyckman, Founder & CEO at Culture Defined

The future of brands and their consumers in the new digital era

The future is now. Listen in to Viktoria Wyckman talking about how Web3 technologies will impact the digital landscape and how brands should think and act in order to strengthen the relationship between brands and consumers when entering a new era of the internet.

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Ana Adi, Professor in Public relations & Corporate Communications at Quadriga University in Berlin

The perspective of value-driven communication in a world of change

In this session, our moderator Elin Ahldén had a chat with Ana Adi to discuss value-driven communication and the implications for individual practitioners and organizations.

They will discuss recent examples and technological developments such as Web3, metaverse, and virtual worlds and how this affects communicational work.

Frippe Stenberg, Safemind. Executive Search Consultant inom Marketing/Tech

How to secure your place in the forefront of marketing

Communicating today is much more than a number of words on a piece of paper. Listen to Frippe Stenberg, representative from CMO goes TECH, talking about what it means to actually walk the extra mile in the consumer's shoes in order to make sure we have the data and understanding we need to build the optimal customer journey, the most relevant brand experience and execute accordingly.

Pontus Rosén, Nordic Marketing Manager Synsam

Optimized communication based on customer experience

Synsam has gone from being a traditional opticians retailer to being at the forefront of integrated retail communication.

Listen to the work Synsam has done to optimize communication based on customer experience. You will learn how the customer's interaction with the brand and communication over multiple touchpoints is being coordinated – in both traditional and digital channels to gain maximum effect.

Ardelan Sohrevardi, Head of Category Marketing, Samsung Electronics Nordic

How to create communication cut-through

Ardelan shares his insights on how he, by using the creative level, differentiation and communication through culture, has found ways to increase ad recall in an era of message overload and fleeting attention span in an extremly cluttered industry.

Frippe Stenberg & Pontus Rosén in discussion with the moderator Elin Ahldén

Topics covered among others...

  • The change of the CMO role.
  • What role technology will play going forward.
  • Who owns today's customer journey
  • Stakeholder management

....and much more


Rikke Iben Neess, Campaign Manager, Fuldkornspartnerskabet

Purposeful communication in reality

Finding ways to communicate your company’s purpose in an engaging and trustworthy way can be challenging, but this is something that Fuldkornspartnerskabet has done successfully. Last year they impressively increased their media mentions by 46%!

Rikke will share real-life examples of Fuldkornspartnerskabet's PR initiatives, offering you hands-on advice to improve your PR and communications work further and discuss future challenges.

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