Binge marketingDo like Hollywood and get your audience's attention

Binge marketing

Keep your target audience interested like they do in Hollywood

Have you tried watching most of a TV-series episode by episode because you just had to keep watching? Then you are a so-called binge watcher. But how is Netflix, HBO and the other streaming platforms succeeding in keeping the interest of the audience for so long? And what can we as communicators learn from their work with telling stories? If you ask content marketing expert Carlijn Postma it is quite a lot. 



Storytelling is no new invention but according to Carlijn Postma we should use the same methods and strategies as they do when creating films and series that will have you almost addicted. She is going to talk about how you can build your brand, increase your follower base, and how you can make every single text an episode by using cliff-hangers. 


About Carlijn Postma

Carlijn Postma is the author of the book 'Binge marketing - The best scenario for building your brand' and a speaker around the subject. She is the founder of the content marketing agency The Post and was in 2017 awarded as the Dutch Content Marketeer of the year. In 2014 she was number 27 in the world out of the 200 most influential people within content marketing.

A collaborating webinar series

The Danish media house Kforum and the largest PR platform in the Nordics, Mynewsdesk, are collaborating on a webinar series, where some of the world's brightest experts share their experiences and thoughts with us about the things you struggle with. The webinar is for you if you are working with communications, marketing, and PR. Because we believe that you without a doubt will face some of the same challenges as your colleagues within the industry. Our ambition is that this should give you new energy for work - that's why we call it K-boost.