The template includes tips on:

  • Defining your goals
  • Practical steps on how to analyze your PR results
  • How to identify key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Introduction to key features of a PR analytics tool
  • Identifying the right analytics tool for you

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Most important parts of the PR analytics tool

One of the most critical parts of your PR is understanding the results of your news distribution. When starting to measure the results of your PR work, you will discover what works, and what needs to be done differently, to engage your target audience.

Download Mynewsdesk's PR Analyze template to help you get started with measuring your PR work and get the best effect.

10 easy steps on how to measure your PR

  1. Total views.
    How many that reads your story correlates to how engaging your content is.
  2. Delivered e-mails.
    Make sure your news is being delivered by keeping your distribution lists up to date.
  3. Opened e-mails.
    Identify which prospects, customers, partners or journalists to contact.
  4. Extended target groups.
    Reach new audiences to enhance your chances of making an impact with your news.
  5. Social media shares.
    Measure social shares to know how engaging your content is.
  6. Views on social media.
    Measure the effectiveness of your channels.
  7. Engagement over time.
    Understand what your audience wants.
  8. Time spent.
    By measuring time spent you understand if what you have written has captured people's attention.
  9. Devices.
    Make sure your format is aligned with your visitors devices for maximum click through rate.
  10. Sources.
    Understand which channels are working for you, and which channels are not.


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